Camino de Cruces Hike


Hike through the colonial past
Lush Flora and Fauna
Gold Route


Transportation car and boat
Bilingual tour guide
Entrance fees to sites
Snacks and water


Light clothing is advisable
Comfortable shoes are essential when going on day tours
Use sunblock and insect repellent whenever spending time outdoors




Mon.- Sun.-


Departure at 6:40am to the starting point of the Camino de Cruces trail on Madden Road where our trip into the forest and Panama’s colonial past begins. The sound of howler monkeys in the distance and the colourful bird population are ever present during this hike and sightings of many different animal species are common. As we follow the remains of the cobblestone path through the forest it is easy to imagine what the crossing of the isthmus must have been like during the 16th century when gold, silver, textiles, spices and even furniture were transported along this route. Famous pirates such as Sir Francis Drake and Sir Henry Morgan also used this trail in their attempts to sack the city of Panama. During the California Gold Rush many of the so called 49ers transited the isthmus on their way to the North American Pacific coast, mainly because the journey overland through the heartland of the US was long and dangerous. Today, an eight mile trail still winds through Soberania National Park, connecting the ruins of Venta de Cruces, the historic resting point on the banks of the Chagres River, with the Camino de Cruces National Park. Following the path, one not only experiences a historical journey, but also enjoys the presence of diverse flora and fauna. After having arrived and spent a moment at Venta de Cruces we board a motorboat to return to the pier in Gamboa where we are picked up and transferred back.

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