Harpy Eagle & Quetzal Bird Watching


Soberania National Park
Darien National Park
Harpy eagle Pigeon
Punta Patiño Reserve in Darien
Cerianas Natural Reserve
Birdwatching in Panama City Tropical Weather and in Chiriqui Cloud Forest
Search with possibility of spotting the Quetzal Bird
Biodiversity in the region of Panama
World Renown Bio Museum


All internal transportations (car, boat, flights)
Local bilingual guides
Daily breakfast at Hotels and Lodges
Entrance fees to sites
Overnight in the city at Summit Rainforest Resort
Overnight in Darien at Alhambra Hotel and Punta Patiño Lodge
Overnight in Chiriqui at Mount Totumas
Tours as described on the program
Meals as described on the program


Light clothing is advisable
Comfortable shoes that can get wet or flip flops, swimsuits
Use sunblock and insect repellent whenever spending time outdoors
Light luggage since domestic flights only allows 14kg (30lbs)
Darien is a very dry and hot area so we recommend light clothing
Visits to Darien will take place from Friday to Sunday and it is suggested for groups of 6 to 14 people.
Chiriqui (Mount Totumas) is located in cloud forest and temperature can vary between 10-20 degree celsius. A jacket is advisable
Person should be in good physical conditions, some routes requires effort.
Not recommended in Rainy season (May- October). You might not be able to observe as much birds and species on this time
The schedule and details of the trip may change due to weather or unforseen events.




Mon.- Sun.-


Day 1

Arrival at Panama City and transfer to Summit Rainforest Resort.

Day 2

 Depart 5:45am towards the Pipeline Road near Gamboa. After 40min we arrive at the starting point of this trail that is known as one of the world’s best birding sites due to the incredible variety of resident bird species and their large numbers. The trail was named Pipeline Road due to a pipeline that was constructed during World War II to transport oil from one coast to the other and ran through this area. Along the trail you are likely to spot various types of Antbirds, Manakins and Trogons and, if you are lucky enough, the Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo. You may also find the Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Scarlet-rumped Cacique, and several species of toucans, parrots, woodpeckers and woodcreepers. Raptors such as the Collared Forest-Falcon, Semiplumbeous Hawk, or a Black Hawk- Eagle are also present in the area. Of course a professional birding guide will be joining you as you explore the area to make sure you don’t miss any sightings of some of the world’s most beautiful bird species, which during the course of a full day can spot over one hundred.

Day 3

Road To Darien – Harpy Eagle 6:00 am Departure to Darien, a car take us on a drive for about 5 hours to the pier of Yaviza (1 stop on the road), from there you will take a boat that will take you to another pier (Puerto Mercado), a 4×4 vehicle will drive you to the community of Pijibasal (aprox 30 minutes.) In the village of Pijibasal, after local lunch (fried fish with patacones (fried green plantains)), we start a walk through the forest for about 3 km until we reach the nest of the harpy eagle. Once you arrive, there is a lookout where you can enjoy the view, then, continue walking for 30 minutes to an hour and you will reach the harpy eagle pigeon or its parents. Return to Yaviza where the vehicle awaits to take you to Hotel Alhambra in Meteti. Dinner included.

Day 4

Meteti – Darien Punta Patiño After breakfast, we drive for approx. Thirty minutes to the pier (Puerto Quimba) to take a boat for 1 1/2 hours to Punta Patiño lodge. Check-in at the lodge and time to relax. Lunch at the lodge and in the afternoon depart to observe flora and fauna in the Piedra Candela trail. You will be able to watch birds such as the heron tigers, crab hawk, trogon masala, and others. Dinner at the lodge.

Day 5

Punta Patiño Reserve – Birding and Nature Seek After breakfast at the lodge, you will visit a beach inside the reserve and will take a panoramic tour through the internationally protected wetland nominated as a Punta Patiño Ramsar Site, during this tour you can observe the blue-footed bobbies unique to this area of Panama, pelicans, and cormorants. Return to the lodge. In the afternoon you can enjoy the surroundings of the reserve. Dinner at the lodge.

Day 6

 Punta Patiño Reserve – Panama City Breakfast at the lodge. Our departure will depend on the tide that change every 6 hrs. We will check out of Punta Patiño Lodge and transfer to the pier (Puerto Quimba). Our ground transportation awaits us to return to Panama City.

Day 7

Panama City – Ceriana Farm – Mount Totumas, Chiriqui Departure to local airport for your flight to David. After one hour flight, arrival and transfer to Volcan. At Cerianas Farm you will walk a 3km trail while an expert guide explains the beautiful surroundings and you might be able to spot more than 180+ species of birds and animals that can be found in this region. Mid way your tour, you will go up a beautiful Canopy Tower, while you admire the cloud forest and relax for as long as you wish. When you are ready, your tour continues through the trails up a hill where you will get to see a magnificent view of the low lands of Chiriquí, and if weather permits, The Pacific Ocean and Punta Burica in Panama in addition to the Ossa peninsula and Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica. At around 12:00 pm you will start your descent to the lowest part of the farm, where we will be expecting you for a gourmet picnic under a beautiful Cedar tree. You will enjoy your homemade lunch with a nice glass of wine and, again, relax and enjoy the view for as long as you desire. When you are ready, we walk some meters towards the Sugar cane mill, where your guide will explain the sugar cane process and you will get to taste fresh sugar cane juice, and other sugar cane products. Transfer to Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Lodge.

Day 8

Bird Watching in search of the Quetzal With a highest concentration of endemic bird species, Chiriqui cloud forest and ecosystem have numerous trail that feature one of the worlds’ most elusive birds, the Resplendent Quetzal, scarlet romped, The wattle Bellbird, and a lot of hummingbirds. Tours start at 6:30 am with your knowledgeable guide that will explain about the area and the critical spotting places for many of Panama’s rare and exotic birds. Lunch at the lodge. Afternoon tour a 3.1 km loop trail of moderate difficulty that includes both waterfalls, majestic old-growth cenizo trees (Mexican Elms) riparian habitat and an extension to Los Pozos hot springs. The forest trail along the falls can be slippery and steep in places, so this trail is for sure-footed hikers. For birders you gain access to lower elevations down to 1600m where a different avifauna begins; Bay-Headed Tanager, Elegant Euphonias, Red-Headed Barbet, Fiery-Billed Aracari and Blue Dacnis are more common here. There are sweeping views of the valley, and national park on the section that follows is a road through open meadows.

Day 9

Bird Watching at Peek Trail – Back to Panama City This tour is a challenging trail with 2000 feet elevation change and is unmarked. Taking this trail requires a guide. The reward is at the peak of Mount Totumas at 2630m, when you enter a truly magical pristine oak bamboo forest of ancient trees draped in moss and epiphytes. The forest is excellent in conjuring up primordial visions of a lost Eden. Universally remembered as magic but tough walk for all those who have braved this trail. Highly recommended for adventure seekers. A truly unique experience. Start at 8:00am at the morning and finish at 11:00am. Check out from Mount Totumas Lodge and transfer to David for your flight to Panama City.

Day 10

Bio Museum & Old Town – Transfer to Tocumen International Airport visit the BioMuseo, design by Frank Gehry a Canadian world renowned architect and his only work in Latin America, a gift for Panama as his wife is Panamanian. In its galleries is told the story of the origin of the Isthmus of Panama more than 3 million years ago and how the emergence united continents and divided the seas, changing life of the Earth and its huge impact on biodiversity. The Biomuseo is unique of its kind in the whole region and the first in the world that tells the history of the planet’s biodiversity. Continue to visit the ruins of Casco Antiguo (Old Town) In 1673, two years after the destruction of the first city, this second city was built in a more protected location. This colonial city was also declared World Heritage Site due to its many historic features, such as the golden altar, the French Plaza, “Las Bovedas” dungeons, Plaza Bolivar, Parque Central and the old churches, cobbled streets and wide balconies. Transfer to Tocumen Airport for your international flight.

Día 10

Biomuseum y Casco Viejo

Día 9

Monte Totumas

Día 8


Día 7


Día 6

Panama Ciudad

Día 5

Punta Patino

Día 4


Día 3


Día 2


Día 1

Llegada a Panamá Ciudad

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