If you are looking for new places filled with adventures, indulging in different cultures, seeking truly to feel connected, to share and live something unique, you can definitely find the perfect experience in Panama.

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Duborgana The San Blas Experience

¨The concept of our island was to keep it purely and naturally as we found it when we began to visit it and make our plans. We do not want to create modern structures, and we will do our best to preserve the beauty of this island in its pure natural way as it has offered us. We follow an environmental program to reduce the impact, and we are always looking for ways in which we can work with our visitors without harming the sea and our ecosystem.¨ – Niko

Harpy Eagle & Quetzal Bird Watching

The Harpy Eagle is Panama’s National Bird and considered the largest, most powerful eagle in the Americas and an endangered species. Harpy Eagles require mature forest and intact habitat to survive. We will explore the lushes areas to go in search of them.  With more than 970 species that can be seen, Panama can provide amazing birding experiences that larger countries can’t.

Living with the Embera indigenous

Imagine a scenic trip through the rainforest in the Chagres National
Park to encounter one of the indigenous group of Panama , the community of Emberá with so many activities to participate in with them and learning about their lifestyle and history.

Overnight in the middle of the Jungle

The only Floating Lodge on the Panama Canal, Jungle Land, an all-inclusive hidden oasis, surrounded by monkeys, wildlife and a lush tropical forest, has so much to offer with tours crafted and perfected with more than 20 years worth of knowledge of living on-site to create an unforgettable experience of Panama and the jungle.

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