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Arts And Crafts In La Pintada


  • Visiting the small town of La Pintada, near Penonomé in the province of Coclé, and its arts and crafts stores.
  • A production of special interest is that of the traditional Panamanian hat known as “Sombrero Pintado”. This hat, made by hand from natural fibers, is used for anything from farm work to traditional celebrations and enjoys great popularity with locals and tourists.
  • Visit a site of pre-Columbian petroglyphs, created thousands of years ago by an ancient culture.

Natá De Los Caballeros


  • Visiting the town of Natá de los Caballeros, founded by the Spanish in 1522. It is in fact the oldest still existing colonial settlement in Panama. The old church, which remains in great condition, is the second oldest in the whole western hemisphere and a very popular tourist attraction.
  • Close to Natá you find the “El Caño” archeological site with traces of a pre-Colombian culture that once inhabited the area

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