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“We have met thousands of people, walked hundreds of paths, created a multitude of memories, and every day we work harder to ensure that you enjoy a truly unforgettable journey”

Maria Chavez

Iguana Island Tour


  • Departing from Azuero towards Mariato Beach where we catch a boat to Iguana Island, a great site for snorkeling.
  • Located a good two nautical miles from the coast, Iguana Island for a long time has been an important logistical stop for the fishermen of the area and a popular tourist attraction.
  • It is home to some 5000 frigate birds that can be seen flying about over the island. A lot of migrating birds also stop on the island to rest and feed in its dry forests, a type of eco system that is only rarely found in this country.
  • Turtles arrive on the island’s beaches to lay their eggs, especially between September and October, and we can find green and black iguanas.
  • Last but not least the coral reef around the island is the largest in the whole Gulf of Panama

Famous Pottery


  • Departing from your hotel in the Azuero region towards the small town of La Arena, famous for its production of traditional pottery and ceramics.
  • Investigating the large variety of products and the diverse manufacturing and decoration techniques.
  • Though most people in the area work in cattle farming, the ancient tradition of pottery is still one of the most important industries in La Arena

Manufacturing of Pollera


  • Departing from your hotel in Azuero towards the hidden village of Santo Domingo that carefully preserves its many traditions.
  • The local women gather every day to each sew part of the folkloric Panamanian outfit which eventually results in the beautiful Pollera.
  • There are various different types of seems, cuts, colors and motifs all made from high quality fabrics.
  • Visiting the park of Chitré where we can see some of the costumes used during carnival with their impressive garments, feathers and adornments

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